Table Protector (Felt)

This Heavy Duty 110cm wide Table Protector is designed to give your table the ultimate protection. It should be ordered to the exact length of your table (no overhang needed), and is designed to sit underneath your JustWipe tablecloth.


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Table protector felt

At JustWipe, we can come to your assistance if you require solutions for protecting your tables during cooking, eating, play and other activities. Our felt table protectors require no overhanging and are available in lengths between 100cm and 1,000cm. To get the best results, we advise you to choose the exact length you require. Your protector can protect your surface from heat, water damage and much more and can last for a substantial period of time before it needs to be replaced. What’s more is that we offer some of the best prices for table protectors on the market.

The benefits of table protectors

Felt table protectors can help you avoid all sorts of problems, including overheating, scratching, marks from heavy plates, and other blemishes. We know how messy children’s play can get, which is why it makes so much sense to invest in a robust covering to protect your surface. . Felt has fantastic insulation properties and can easily be hidden under your tablecloth to provide a valuable extra layer of protection. We supply heavy duty table protectors in brown and cream. Felt is spongey, great for insulation, discreet and fully capable of providing the extra protection you need for your peace of mind.

Wipe clean in seconds

Our tablecloths and aprons can be wiped clean in just moments and used repeatedly over long periods before they need to be replaced. We offer one of the most diverse collections of wipeable products to cover your table and sit over your table protector including PVC tablecloths, also providing you with high-quality products manufactured from the same materials, such as peg bags, aprons for adults and children and tabards, also known as bibs. There are scores of designs to choose from, which means you shouldn’t ever struggle to identify something that matches your tastes, preferences and requirements.

Meeting a range of needs

We are able to provide tablecloths in a host of themes for gardens, homes, restaurants, schools, cafes and various other environments. We offer contemporary and traditional tablecloths, including products for the summer and events across the calendar. We have recently been adding a large number of matt finish tablecloths to our range.

A straightforward process

The process of purchasing a JustWipe tablecloth is simple. We can cut your tablecloth to any size, and can also provide products for circular tables. We also offer a free sample service so you can try before you buy. Perhaps your tablecloth is for an outside table and you require a parasol hole cutting? If so, this won’t be a problem. We are also able to provide you with tablecloth clips so your product can be kept in place. You will find these in our additional items section. Why not contact us today to find out more about our vinyl coating tablecloths or catering cloths? We can even provide matching aprons for your tablecloth.

Getting in touch

Why not get in touch with us by calling 01253 729487 or sending a message to today if you have any questions about our table protectors or tablecloths?