About Our PVC Tablecloths

All of our tablecloths are produced from a printed cotton weave which is then finished in the UK with a special wipe-clean vinyl coating. These vinyl coated tablecloths (also called luxury cotton oilcloths) are given either a gloss or a matt finish during the coating process.

The tablecloths are all approximately 135cms wide, and any length to the nearest centimetre can be chosen to suit your table.
The width of 135cms is approximate & may have a manufacturing tolerance of up to 2.5%

Our rolls of tablecloth are 20 metres in length and therefore, any length of tablecloth can be cut to suit your table.

  • Does not fray
  • Does not crack
  • No need for hemming
  • Long lasting – years of wear
  • No need to wash – ‘JustWipe’

The Difference between Matt & Gloss Finish

Gloss is the traditional finish which is most associated with these types of tablecloths (oilcloths). It is slightly more hard-wearing than the matt finish, enhances the colours in the fabric & is highly recommended for households with children.

The Matt finish gives the tablecloth a more subtle look, and is designed to look more like a cloth fabric. It also has a slightly softer feel, giving a fantastic wipe clean tablecloth for those who prefer a less-plastic look/feel to their décor.

Care of our Tablecloths

The PVC (or vinyl) coating is designed to give an easy care finish to our textiles, but it is not an armour plating. Foodstuffs and beverages can be easily wiped from its surface.

It will definitely NOT withstand ball-pen ink, lipstick, nail varnish or shoe polish. Some tomato based sauces and curry sauces can also leave marks and stains. These types of stains must be wiped immediately. Newspaper print can transfer onto the cloth if the cloth is still damp from wiping.
Hot cooking oil will also damage the surface. The surface will not withstand plates or dishes straight from the oven, placed directly upon it.

The tablecloths should not be left outside for prolonged periods after use to prevent the underneath (non-wipeable side) of the tablecloth from getting wet and dirty.

To clean the surface, it should be wiped with warm water which can contain a small amount of diluted detergent.
To remove creases, the material may be ironed on the reverse side (the uncoated side) with a cool iron.


If treated with a little care JustWipe products will give a prolonged service whilst protecting your table.

More information can be found in our Guide To PVC Tablecloths