Children's Oilcloth Aprons

At Just Wipe, we are a leading source for PVC aprons that can help your child take play to the next level and really capture their imagination. We supply high-quality kid’s aprons made from PVC coated cotton fabric with extra strong straps that can be worn on a regular basis, and there are many different designs to choose from, including our alphabet, brush strokes, cupcakes, shipmates and spotty aprons, to give just a few examples.


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Various designs, patterns and sizes

We offer aprons in various sizes and are always looking for new fun designed styles to add to our catalogue. PVC aprons for kids can be used in all sorts of environments, including at school and in the home. They can protect their main clothes from wear, tear and other stains, and the wide range of designs available means you’re almost guaranteed to find something that appeals to your child’s tastes and interests. PVC aprons are incredibly hardwearing, and it only takes a moment to wipe them clean. You can even buy matching adult PVC aprons for mums and dads so that they can join in with the fun as well!

The benefits of cookery play for kids

Our range of children’s PVC aprons are perfect for arts, crafts and especially cookery play. Let’s take a quick look at some of the main reasons why kids love cooking play. Creative cookery play can boost your child’s social skills, help them learn about food and find out more about the ingredients used to make their favourite treats. It can add to their vocabulary and enhance their reading skills as they browse books for culinary ideas, with each new recipe introducing them to new terms and ingredients.

Numeracy and timing skills

Cookery play is also ideal for strengthening numeracy skills, as it gives them the chance to count, measure and weigh out ingredients, giving them a valuable head start when it comes to mathematics even before they have started school. Cooking with kids also helps them understand the importance of time and allows them to learn via sensory play, giving them the chance to taste, watch, mix, smell and more. If your child is a fussy eater, they will be more likely to try out new treats that they have played a role in preparing.

Getting in touch with Just Wipe

Buying children’s PVC aprons so that they can take part and enjoy a new learning experience is just one of the great reasons our products are in such demand. Please feel free to contact Just Wipe if you have any questions about the products we supply or need our help with choosing something suitable for your child. We always listen to what our customers have to say so we can continue making our catalogue even better, and we are only happy when you are completely satisfied with the products that we have provided to you. Just submit your e-mail address on our website to stay updated with our latest products and deals. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms. To contact us today, simply call 01253 729487.