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Cath Kidston started as one small shop in Notting Hill in 1993. Her designs have always been entwined with British culture with the inclusion of a fun twist. Cath Kidston soon became know as the queen of florals, and quickly started making all types of bags from her famous oilcloth fabrics. Today we sell these same oilcloth fabrics for you to enjoy in the the home as a wipe clean tablecloth.


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Who is Cath Kidston?

Cath Kidston’s prints are deeply rooted in British culture. From their London studio, they reimagine classic items into patterns adding their playful twist. Cath Kidston’s prints celebrate icons of our culture, such as red London buses and English garden roses.

What we offer

At JustWipe, we offer a wide range of wipeable oilcloth tablecloths, and among them, we sell three from the Cath Kidston brand, which is listed below.

Rose bloom multi

This is a beautiful modern, vintage print. The vibrant red of the roses will brighten up your table and look amazing inside or outside. With a quality gloss finish, this wipeable oilcloth tablecloth will protect your table from crumbs and spills while maintaining its elegant design.

Jumping bunnies

There is a sense of fun and frolic in the design of this tablecloth. Pink brings life to any table with the Jumping Bunnies wipeable tablecloths.


A fun and colourful hand-painted Dino print are featured on this wipe clean tablecloth. It will be a welcome addition to any home.

What are wipeable tablecloths?

A PVC tablecloth is a wipeable tablecloth made of cotton cloth and coated with PVC. Tablecloths like these generally function to be easily cleanable by allowing you to wipe off the surface to remove spills or crumbs. Just Wipe offers Cath Kidston wipeable tablecloths that are 100% PVC-coated cotton and come in three great vibrant colours and patterns.

What are the benefits of buying a wipe clean tablecloth?

Due to the many benefits of using wipeable tablecloths, their use is highly recommended. Below are all the great benefits of adding a wipeable tablecloth to your home.

Maintains its appearance

Tablecloth prints often get damaged and stained during and after meals, but the wipeable tablecloth preserves the prints and can prevent staining of your dining surface.


Wipeable tablecloths are primarily recognised for their waterproof properties due to their vinyl plastic finish. Liquids or fluids cause most spills and stains on tablecloths. In PVC tablecloths, the lack of porosity allows for a waterproof finish that can prevent stains.

It saves you time

The ease of cleaning wipeable tablecloths after use is one of their main benefits. The purpose of tablecloths is to keep the table surface clean, but cleaning the tablecloth can be time-consuming. When you use a PVC tablecloth, cleaning up after a meal is much easier since all you have to do is just wipe it down.


A tablecloth coated in PVC is highly durable, and if cared for properly (wiped with a damp cloth after use), it can last for many years. In addition to its chemical resistance, PVC is also resistant to sunlight and oxidation from water.

Why should you buy from Just Wipe?

Here at JustWipe, we are proud to provide the widest selection of wipeable tablecloths. It couldn’t be easier to choose the right wipe-clean tablecloth. We can cut the tablecloths to any size to suit your table. Click on the ‘add to cart’ button after selecting your pattern and entering the length you would like (remember to allow the overhang). We can cut any size up to 2000 cm (20 metres) and can also cater for circular tables. We offer a free sample service to ensure you have chosen the right colour/pattern for your room.