Bistro & Deli Wipe Clean Tablecloths

Vinyl coated tablecloths also known as oilcloths are a design classic and are currently enjoying something of a revival. They’re practical, hard wearing, and hygienic and the limitless range of designs mean you can find one that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you’re after something fun, stylish, classic, or simply colourful, there’s sure to be a design for you.

Vinyl coated tablecloths have always been a popular choice as a cover for bistro tables. If you’re looking for a bistro table cover, then there’s few things better than a vinyl coated oilcloth.

Why not take a look at our range and find the perfect tablecloth design for your home or business?


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A great option for busy cafes and restaurants

If you’re running a cafe or restaurant and are looking for a hard wearing, colourful and hygienic table covering, then a vinyl coated tablecloth is a practical choice.

What makes bistro table tablecloths such a great choice?

Whether you’re looking for multiple tablecloths for your business, or a single tablecloth for your home, a vinyl coated bistro table tablecloth makes an excellent choice. Our oilcloths, vinyl coated tablecloths, are made from printed cotton which is then finished in the UK with a special vinyl coating. During the finishing process they are given either a gloss or matt finish.

As well as being attractive to look at, they’re also incredibly durable making them an excellent choice for commercial settings or busy homes. They don’t fray or crack, and there’s no need for hemming. They’re guaranteed to last for years with few problems and can be quickly wiped clean with warm water containing just a small amount of detergent. They’re a hygienic choice that cuts down on the laundry bill.

Matt or gloss finish

JustWipe bistro table covers come in matt or gloss finish.

Gloss is the traditional finish applied to vinyl tablecloths. It really enhances the colour and design in the tablecloth and is slightly more hardwearing. It’s the recommended finish if you have small children.

The matt finish has a softer, subtler look which many people find preferable. It means the tablecloth looks more like a cloth fabric, making it a popular choice in cafes and restaurants.

No sizing problems

All JustWipe tablecloths are 135cms wide and can be cut to any length you require to the nearest centimetre to suit your table.

The JustWipe Bistro & Deli Vinyl tablecloth range

If you’re looking for a bistro table cover then you might find your inspiration in the JustWipe range. This great trio of culinary designs are fun and colourful and will brighten up your home or business. The Pantry Azure Design and the Cookbook Vinyl Coated design both come with a matt finish and are available from £12.99. The Pots & Pans Gloss Vinyl Coated option is available from £10.

JustWipe is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of PVC coated tablecloths and table covers. We have every kind of design available, from simple contemporary designs to more traditional patterns. Whether you’re looking for something for your home or your business we can provide you with a bespoke cut cloth. We can cut from any size from 100cm to 2000cm, and we can also cut to circular patterns.