Oilcloth Peg Bags

For some people, a peg bag is just a practical accessory that helps with housework. However, for those that know how to put a personal touch into their home, a peg bag can be so much more.


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Aside from its practical requirements, there’s no reason why your peg bags can’t look as good as the rest of your home. JustWipe’s oilcloth peg bags are a perfect example of this, combining practical material choices with aesthetic options that work across a range of décor styles.

Why Is Oilcloth Great For Peg Bags?

As a material, oilcloth is very easy to maintain. The coating is tough and waterproof, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. The outside of the bag won’t get damaged even if left to the elements occasionally, and the pegs inside should stay fairly dry at the same time. Come wind or rain, oilcloth peg bags will stand up to the test.

Of course, it’s also easy to clean. Dirt and other stains wipe away with ease. Combined with the previous factors, this results in a long lasting product that retains its original appearance. If you have a busy home, whether its children, pets or simply a lot to do, having products you don’t need to constantly worry about is a big benefit!

What Makes JustWipe Peg Bags attractive?

Oilcloth is also great for including patterns and designs, which is something the JustWipe range makes full use of. In our collection you will find pegbags in a plethora of colours, patterns and designs.

Our designs can suit anyone’s tastes and there’s always something to work with your existing aesthetic. Whether you want something fun and loud, or contemporary with pastel tones, we have products to suit! After all, if you’re going to use your peg bag every time you hang up the washing, why not have a peg bag that matches your style?

If you have children, the brighter designs and interesting visuals also make our peg bags more appealing for kids. This is fantastic if you’re looking for ways to get children to help with the housework or simply have a stronger interest in domestic chores.

Why Should You Use Just Wipe Peg Bags?

Just Wipe peg bags combine the practical and sensible nature of Oilcloths with designs and styles that are unique to your company. If you’re looking for something that’s simple to use, easy to maintain and effortlessly fits into your home, our peg bags are perfect!

Furthermore, our peg bags can also match other elements of your kitchen and home, including additional products from Just Wipe. By including a peg bag that perfectly matches your PVC wipe clean aprons, or even your oilcloths, your whole home will benefit from a more consistent, stronger aesthetic.

If you would like see our available peg bags, feel free to browse our range and find your perfect bag. If you have any questions or would simply have additional questions, contact us today. We will do whatever we can to help!