Measuring your Table

How to Measure your Table

When measuring your table, please remember to allow for the overhang of the oilcloth. We recommend that between 15-20 cm at each end of the table is ideal for an overhang. You should therefore add 30-40 cm onto the length of your table in order to have a perfect sized tablecloth.

Wipeable tablecloths are one of the most practical pieces of homeware you can invest in. Protecting your precious furniture while adding colour, character and style to your home, they’re a go-to for any homeowner.

But what happens when you have an obscure shaped table? Or perhaps you have an oval table that you’re not sure how you can cover with a rectangle tablecloth?

Worry not – here at Just Wipe we have well, just the ticket. All of our wipe clean tablecloths are available in rectangular and round shape, or as full or half rolls. This means you can find your perfect wipe easy tablecloth in a size that suits a particular piece of your furniture. Made-to-measure, and always made to delight. 

Our advice is to first measure out the dimensions of your table or surface. Take a measuring tape and measure the width and length of your table in either centimetres or inches – this will give you the dimensions of your table and you’ll be able to find the correct size to fit it on our website.

But what about oval or round tables? Regardless of your shape of round table, you need to work out the table top diameter. This is done by placing a tape measure across the table making sure you keep in the direct centre as it is the widest point. 

Next you need to decide on how much overhang you want. Generally, here at Just Wipe we recommend a drop between 15-20 cm, preventing the cloth from hanging too low on your guests’ legs. 

Then, double your overhang length to allow for the same length around all sides of the table. Next, you add your doubled overhang length to the diameter of the table to get your total cloth size. 

E.g. If your table size is 120cm and your overhang length is 2x20cm, the calculation to get your total cloth size would be 120+40 = 160cm. 

TOP TIP – if you have an extendable table, make sure you measure it at the extended size so that you can use your wipeable tablecloth on the table both when it is in shrunken and expanded size. Just remember that you will have a longer overhang on the shrunken table. 

Here at Just Wipe we have a huge selection of made to measure wipeable tablecloths that are perfect for any home.

Whether you have a large round dining table or a few rectangle kitchen tables to cover, we offer an extensive range of designs all available in a variety of measurements sure to suit your space. 

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