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Orla Kiely Wipe Clean Tablecloths –

Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer based in London. The Orla Kiely brand was born in 1995, and much of her work was all about the colour. Described by the Guardian as the queen of print, Orla Kiely’s designs have continued to grow in popularity ever since.

Orla Kiely prints are as distinctive as they are beautiful. The Iconic stem design was born in 2000, and is certainly one of the most recognisable prints in the world of textiles. Taking many different forms, with new fashionable colours added every year, it is a must-have for many interior designers. We are very proud to stock a number of the Orla Kiely wipe clean oilcloth tablecloths.


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Who is Orla Kiely?

Orla Kiely is an Irish designer renowned for her minimalist, quirky and creative designs.

Since being founded in 1995, the brand has grown from strength to strength and became a household name in the world of design. Described by the Guardian as the ‘queen of print’, Orla Kiely’s designs are unique, bold and very, very beautiful, adopting a classic ‘stem’ visual that is typically repeated to create one of the most recognisable prints in the world of textiles.

Which products do we stock?

Here at Just Wipe we are incredibly proud to stock a range of Orla’s prints in the form of wipe clean oilcloth tablecloths.

That typical distinctive Orla Kiely stem design is presented in three stylish, eye-catching colours: tomato, dandelion and cool grey, giving every style of home the perfect tablecloth to suit it’s aesthetic. Be it a bright and light home filled with colour, or a sleek, minimalist, neutral space, our Orla Kiely oilcloth tablecloths provide style and substance in equal measure – protecting your much-loved furniture while adding an abundance of character.

All three designs are available in a matt finish, perfect for creating an understated feel in any room, and can be ordered in a huge range of dimensions to suit any shape of table or surface.

Designed in 2000, the stem design has became Orla Kiely’s brand icon and an enduring motif that has survived the test of time. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what our wipe clean oilcloths do. Durable and reliable, their sturdy PVC material means any table or surface can be properly protected from spillages, knocks or falls, safeguarding your home.

Wipeable tablecloths are an essential for any home. Not only for general wear and tear but in particular during busy holiday seasons, summer parties or get togethers. We’ve all been there – that looming doom of knowing the kids might ruin your brand new oak table. What if they stab a knife in it? What if they take a crayon to it?

While JustWipe can’t discipline your children, we can provide the products to protect your home! Our Orla Kiely tablecloths are designed to stand the test of time and are robust enough to withstand all sorts of activities including not just dining but food preparation and play too.

Forget stains on fabric tablecloths too, a wipe clean tablecloth means you can simply wipe the material clean of most spills; avoiding the risk of your precious family hand-me-down tablecloths being ruined.

JustWipe are amongst the biggest tablecloth providers in the UK with an expansive range of stylish designs and an expert track record with customers.

Our attention to detail and commitment to providing you with the best possible product and service is second to none. We have also recently added Klarna, Google Pay and Apple Pay to our payment options, allowing for even easier checkouts and secure transactions.

So what are you waiting for? Add some chic style to your home and browse our amazing Orla Kiely tablecloth range here now.