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We also see dots used in the art form pointillism. Artists of this genre include Vincent van Gogh, Maximilien Luce and Hippolyte Petitjean. Pointillism, a small dots or dashes of colour are applied to a surface. Creating a bright and detailed finished piece.

Our Pip Lavender design shows a much simpler design to those in pointillism. Using space between the dashes, we allow the pattern to breathe and take a much subtler role in a room, to make the overall area, the finished piece.

To this day we all see a pattern like our Twinkle Twinkle Midnight painted across our night sky. The oldest and most significant example of where spots and dots are genuinely inspiring.

Yes, you are seeing spots

We can’t talk about spotty and dotty designs without looking at the impact it has had on fashion. A historical example is Winston Churchill, known for his choice of polka dot bow ties. A style that we’ve captured in our Dotty Denim oilcloths.

More recently, a contemporary designer called Cath Kidston has used polka to dots to draw out her collections creative potential.

Her designs being both unique and exciting aestheticly for all ages and styles. She has a collection that really showcases the power of the dot.

In our collection, we have contrasts from our Vintage Spot Rose to our Lunar Tango patterns.

Let’s do the Polka

Spotty and dotty designs have not only featured heavily in fashion throughout the years, but they’ve influenced the music industry also.

In the 1940’s Frank Sinatra released the song ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeams’ where he is overcome with a girls beauty in her polka dots under the moonlight.

Blues Guitarist, Buddy Guy was also known for playing his signature Fender Stratocaster with cream polka dots on a black background, a look recreated in our Dotty Black.

Without going as far as the ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny’ bikini, we have a selection of subtly toned colour schemes to help compliment any home, Dotty Cream/Multi being a perfect example.

Joining the dots, with the rest of the house

Our spotty dotty collection does indeed have something for everyone.

Whether you’re creating a focal point within a room or blending the flow of the house. We have something that will suit.

Hardy and glorious to look at. Our spotty dotty designs last for years and years with minimal care.

If you’ve seen something you like but would like to know more information or have a query about an existing order, please do not hesitate to contact our pleasant and friendly team.

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