Natural Vinyl Tablecloths

Natural tablecloths from Just Wipe

At Just Wipe, we can cater for you if you’re in need of natural tablecloths to give your living space the welcoming feel that you are looking for. Our new Natural Collection consists of numerous vinyl coated PVC tablecloths that offer a linen-esque look. They have an incredibly subtle matt coating to prolong their lives and are the perfect addition for any kitchen or dining table. If you do wish to opt for the natural look but are worried about damage from children or pets, the items in the Natural Collection are ideal for your needs.

Our new Natural Collection

We are currently able to offer 11 affordable Natural Collection tablecloths. These include the Amoretti Cream, Amoretti Taupe, Love Is, Vintage Lace, Ella, Hearts Aplenty, Songbird, Springtime, Rosy Lee, Lazy Daisy and Sweet Spot Matt Vinyl Coated tablecloths. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us at any time if you do need any help with deciding which of these products is right for you.

Attention to detail

All of the tablecloths in our range are designed with great care and attention to detail. We manufacture each one from a printed cotton weave, which is finished right here in the UK with our special wipe-clean vinyl coating. The tablecloths that are not given a matt finish are instead finished off with gloss during the coating process. We can cut our tablecloths to any length to the nearest centimetre, with all products being around 135cm wide.

No cracking or fraying

We are very confident we can cater for you if you are in need of a natural looking tablecloth for your kitchen, dining room or garden. The beauty of our tablecloths is that they don’t crack or fray, don’t need to be hemmed and can last for years as long as they are treated with care and respect. You don’t even need to wash our natural tablecloths – as our name suggests, you can simply wipe them to get them looking their very best again.

A subtler look

The matt finish has a more subtle look than gloss. It is designed to have a greater resemblance to a cloth fabric and is slightly softer to the touch. If you wish to avoid a ‘plastic’ look when sourcing durable PVC tablecloths, a natural tablecloth with a matt finish may be ideal for your specific requirements. You can normally wipe foodstuffs and beverages from our tablecloths with ease.

Take care of your tablecloth

There are some things you need to keep well away from our tablecloths if you are to enjoy them for years to come. These include nail varnish, shoe polish, lipstick and ball-pen ink. You can find out more about what to avoid by taking a look at the ‘about’ page on our website. When it is time to clean your tablecloth, simply use warm water with a small amount of detergent. You can iron the tablecloths on the reverse side to remove creases.

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