Back to school!

Now that the children are back at school, help protect your table or floor from those spelling mistakes and art projects with one of our children’s wipe clean tablecloths. Our quality vinyl plastic gloss tablecloths are strong and durable with a wipeable finish, making it easier to keep them clean.

Your budding Einstein or Picasso can write and draw to their heart’s content and you can be confident that tidying up will be as easy as ABC!

Footballs Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth

Crazy Cats Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth

Dinosaurs Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth

Ollie Owl Primary Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth
Ollie Owl Primary Gloss Oilcloth

These cute tablecloths are priced from just £12.99 and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you can’t decide which design is your favourite, then why not request a free sample. It’s quick and easy; all you need to do is fill out the sample request form on our website.