How to Measure your Table

To start, consider the overhang of the oilcloth, a crucial element for a seamless look. We recommend allowing for an overhang of 15-20 cm, avoiding inconvenience for your guests whilst creating the perfect drop. This translates to an additional 30-40 cm on the table’s length, ensuring an ideal fit for your table.

Unconventional Shapes

For those with unique table shapes, like ovals, worry not. At Just Wipe, our wipe-clean tablecloths come in rectangular and round shapes, as well as full or half rolls. Tailor-made for your needs, these tablecloths guarantee a perfect fit.

For rectangular tables, use a measuring tape to determine width and length. Oval or round tables require measuring the table top diameter.

For round tables, double the chosen overhang length and add it to the diameter for the total cloth size. For instance, a 120cm table with a 2x20cm overhang would result in a total cloth size of 160cm.

Extended Table Considerations

If you have an extendable table, measure it at the extended size to ensure the tablecloth fits in both shrunken and expanded states. Keep in mind the longer overhang on the shrunken table.

Diverse Options at Just Wipe

Explore our vast selection of made-to-measure wipeable tablecloths at Just Wipe. Whether you have a large round dining table or several rectangular kitchen tables, our extensive range of designs in various measurements is sure to complement your space perfectly.