Wipe Clean Aprons

What makes a wipe clean apron? 

Kitchen aprons are a necessity for any veteran chef, or beginner baker. Aprons keep your clothing protected from the food. Not only does this make it easier to keep your clothes clean, but it also stops contamination. Your clothes pick up germs and bacteria throughout the day, and an apron helps prevent those germs getting on to your plate. It is important that an apron is easy to clean, otherwise you could be cultivating harmful germs. PVC is a form of plastic and it is impermeable, meaning it is water proof. Wipe clean aprons create a physical barrier between you and the food, but this also means they are easier to clean. You don’t need to wash a wipeclean apron in the washing machine as the stains can’t get into the fibres of the apron. 

Why is PVC better than a cloth apron? 

The fundamental difference between cloth and PVC, is cloth is not waterproof. Liquid and other none solid matter will seep into the cloth apron, where as it can’t on with PVC. Therefore, cloth is more susceptible to stains and wear. You will have to wash cloth aprons in the washing machine, which takes longer than simply wiping the PVC apron down. Wipe clean aprons made from PVC are also safer, as cloth is flammable. PVC can melt at high temperatures, but cloth will catch fire.  

What range of wipe clean aprons does Just Wipe offer? 

With a large array of styles and designs, you will definitely find a wipe clean apron that suits your personality. They come in both adult and child sizes, you can even buy matching aprons! No matter what your tastes are, you will find something for you! 

    Adult PVC Apron – Dinosaurs 

    At some point in our lives, we most likely loved dinosaurs. This wipe clean apron comes in both adult and children’s sizes so your kids can match you while baking. Baking is much more than just the food you make; it is about the memories you create with your family 

    Adult PVC Apron Vichy Red 

    For a more striking and iconic look, the Vichy Red wipeclean apron is full of character and personality.  

    Adult PVC Apron Scottie Dog 

    Another option of PVC wipe clean aprons that also come in children’s size, the Scottie Dog apron is cute, stylish and practical. Another fantastic option for matching the adults with the kids! 

    Children’s Jack regency apron 

    If you are looking for more patriotic wipe clean aprons, then the Jack Regency apron is a must. If you want a more subtle yet iconic apron design, there is also the Children’s London Apron.  

    Why should someone shop with Just Wipe? 

    Just Wipe focuses on offering the best quality aprons and tablecloths, with some of the most unique and striking designs. The PVC material means it will last long, it won’t fray and it never needs washing. All you need is to Just Wipe! Contact us today or browse our products to find your next apron or tablecloth!