Why a white tablecloth is a great choice

With some many options available for the ideal table cloth, you need to consider how it is going to be used in the home or restaurant, and if it will fit right into your current theme or decor scheme. You have options to choose a white round table cloth, perfect for a side table at home and some cottage tables within entrance halls. and commonly used within a restaurant seating plan.

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Home Decor

It’s easy to incorporate a white table cloth into the home. Whether you want to cover and protect a large family dining table or a smaller breakfast table. JustWipes large selection of options to choose from online such as the classic table cloth range coated with PVC for ease of clean makes it easy for you to bring into your kitchen.

For modern interior decorations within your kitchen or dining room, take a look at the Modern Vinyl Coated PVC Tablecloths range, with varied patterns and prints to bring character to your kitchen.

Restaurant or bar

The JustWipe classic catering cloth white table cloth is a welcome addition to seating areas within a restaurant and bar area, allowing you to quickly clean up after guests and re-set for your next seating. Working with all restaurant interiors is a classic favourite, and suitable for use all year round.

Seasonal use

For the festive season, we have options for an ideal themed white table cloth to bring cheer to home or venue. Our Festive Firs White Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloths are fantastic when brought into the home or restaurant for the festive season.

Christening or wedding event

Event catering teams and event organisers favour a white tablecloth for its simplicity. Clean white works in harmony with Christening parties and provides coverage for tables during wedding breakfasts.

The many types of white tablecloths just wipe offers.

JustWipe is unrivalled in its selection of white table cloths, but also offers many alternative designs such as modern patterns, and floral tablecloths.

For botanical fans, we also have a range of table cloths designed for current trends such as the Tropical Fall Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth.

Catering teams looking for a cost-effective solution for table coverings at events and receptions can explore our range of catering table cloths, but the best seller remains the white table cloth, due to the adaptability of use from venue to venue.

Why should someone choose Just Wipe to buy a tablecloth?

The JustWipe customer visits us time and time again for our diverse range of cost-effective table cloths. With a huge choice of white table cloths in all shapes including white round table cloths, you can also take advantage of the custom length option for the perfect fit for your table. Online we make it easy for a sample request, so you can view a fabric sample with ease, before proceeding to order a full length, this enables you to trial the fabric alongside the pattern before a purchase.

See our full range of white pvc tablecloths