Just a note to say …

We were delighted to receive this note from Frederick. It really does fill us with joy to think someone takes the time to acknowledge our efforts. Thank you Frederick! Here is Fredericks note in full.

“This is a note to say how pleased we are with our purchase and the service we received from yourselves. I would like to thank Julie for the way in which she handled my initial enquiry and the care she took to ensure that the measurement’s I gave were interpreted correctly so well done Julie. It was quite exciting when we fitted the covers to our tbles for the first time and yes Julie they fitted perfectly. But of course there are other members of staff involved in any transaction so a big thank you to you all.Just wipe seems a long way away with your address in England but yet from yourselves to us in the north east of Scotland the whole operation was quite seamless there’s a pun in there somewhere so many thanks again to you all”

If you would like to order from a business who puts customer service and a quality product above all else, then please visit www.justwipe.co.uk and be more like Frederick!