Tablecloth designs for your garden

With all the gorgeous weather we’ve had over the last few months and the extra time to spend gardening, everyone’s outdoors spaces are looking amazing. Why not create another stunning focal point in your garden – your outdoor dining area!

We offer the option to have a 34 or 50mm parasol hole cut into the centre of your oilcloth and clips are also available to prevent your tablecloth blowing away. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy all of your hard work. Let’s just hope the sun makes a reappearance soon!

Gorgeous designs for your garden

Here are just a few of our favourite patterns that we think would be perfect for your outdoor dining area:

Cara Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth


Pebbles Natural Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth


Outback Matt Vinyl Coated Tablecloth

modern vinyl coated tablecloth


Dotty Seafoam Matt Vinyl Coated PVC Tablecloth

If you’re unsure which design you like best, you can request a free sample simply by filling out the sample request form on our website.