Traditional Vinyl Coated Tablecloths

Traditional Tablecloths from JustWipe

If you have a traditional kitchen or dining room, then you’re going to love our collection of gorgeous traditional tablecloth designs. From fabulous florals and wonderful wildlife to country chintz and British classics, we stock a wide range of traditional vinyl coated tablecloths in an enormous selection of patterns and colours.

Cosy up with a traditional vinyl coated tablecloth

Give your home a friendly, warm and welcoming feel with a traditional vinyl coated tablecloth from JustWipe. Our traditional tablecloths look especially lovely in a farmhouse kitchen and with reams of stunning patterns to choose from, you’ll definitely find a traditional design to make your tabletop look all the more inviting.

If you’re looking for wonderful wildlife and amazing animals, our ‘Sandringham’, ‘Balmoral’, ‘Country Creatures’ and ‘Woodland’ ranges are the perfect choice. We also feature a whole host of colourful creatures on our traditional tablecloths, including dogs, cats, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks and stags!

For a more rustic country chintz feel, check out our ‘Moorland’ and ‘Heathland’ ranges, as well as the ‘Country Life’ gloss vinyl coated tablecloths.

If you prefer something more playful, our new ‘Gelato’ design is sure to fit the bill or perhaps the popular ‘VW Campers’ pattern?

With so many fabulous designs to choose from, you may be tempted to buy more than just one wipe clean traditional tablecloth!

A range of sizes to suit all requirements

JustWipe’s traditional vinyl coated tablecloths come in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. We have large tablecloths in 20 metre rolls as well as small tablecloths of just one square meter. There are also plenty of sizes in between this to suit a variety of different lengths of table surface. We also stock round tablecloths to fit around both indoor and outdoor tables.

Combine the old with the new, and opt for a hard-wearing, beautiful and long-last traditional tablecloth from JustWipe.

For help and advice regarding your perfect traditional vinyl coated tablecloth, please complete our quick enquiry form and a member of our expert, friendly team will be happy to assist you.