Striped Vinyl Coated Tablecloths

Striped Tablecloths from JustWipe

Who doesn’t love a stripe?! At JustWipe, we stock a fantastic range of striped vinyl coated tablecloths in a selection of vibrant colours and cool shades. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a contemporary finish, our striped tablecloths are durable, resilient and easy on the eye too! Available in a choice of sizes and lengths, you’ll combine practicality with style when you choose a JustWipe striped tablecloth.

From soft shades to zesty prints, our striped tablecloths are the perfect fit for all occasions.

A trend that never goes out of fashion

Whether you want to make a bright and bold statement in your kitchen or dining room or you’re looking for a touch of understated elegance, you’ll definitely find a JustWipe striped tablecloth to fit the bill.

A wipe clean tablecloth in a striped pattern looks good in any style of home, whether it be modern or traditional.  It’s also an increasingly popular choice for al fresco dining and entertaining! Whatever your taste, a striped tablecloth is an easy way to add a touch of vibrancy to the character of your room.

If you’re looking for beautiful, bright and bold stripes, our ‘Inca’, ‘Izzy’, ‘Sacramento’ and ‘Splinter’ ranges are the ideal choice. Available in a selection of exciting colours, they’re certain to bring your home décor up to date in an instant.

If you prefer soft and casual, our ‘Santiago’ range comes in two beautiful colours – natural and ruby.

If pinstripes are more your thing, check out our stylish Pinstripe charcoal matt design, or for something that’s guaranteed to make a statement, how about the fabulous ‘Fiesta’ print?

For a taste of the seaside, we also stock the terrific ‘Truro’ and the marvellous ‘Marine’  striped tablecloths.

With so many attractive designs to choose from, you may be tempted to buy more than just one!

A choice of beautiful finishes

At JustWipe, we stock striped tablecloths in two finishes – gloss and matte. Whilst gloss is the traditional finish for our wipe clean fabric, we are continually adding a variety of matte finish tablecloths to our collection. For more enhanced coloured stripes, gloss is the ideal choice, whereas a matte finish will give your stripes a more understated and elegant look. Whichever finish you prefer, both options provide a stylish wipe clean option for your striped vinyl tablecloth.

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