Kitchen Table Cloths

A kitchen table cloth is a necessity at the dinner table and in the home. 

Helping to create a stylish and sophisticated look, while protecting your furniture from dirt, scuffs, mess and spillages, this linen fabric has been in use in kitchens since the Middle Ages. 

Linen as a table covering started with the aristocracy in France and Italy and spread throughout Europe as well as through the social classes. Cotton and silk also became popular table coverings.

Throughout the years, department stores and catalogues started to offer different patterns to appeal to different home owners. Be it a colourful polka dot fabric, a graphic print or a jazzy set of stripes, patterned table cloths have grown in popularity for customers who want to add a touch of colour or character to their kitchen or dining space. 

This was especially pertinent during the Depression when fabrics in bright colours and strong prints soared in popularity. 

In terms of style, kitchen table cloths have developed over the years to really suit the home they’re in. For instance, there is a huge range of farmhouse designs to appeal to a country house – ie a gingham or check pattern – equally there’s a large selection of modern, contemporary designs to fit a more urban home, like colourful stripes or dots. 

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Graphic prints have also proven popular. Customers can choose from painted landscapes to dress their table with a sense of serene country life, or more fashion-forward designs like decorative hearts, starts or a denim look matt. 

In the way of shapes, there is a huge selection to suit any type of table. Sometimes, you might be searching for a tablecloth that remains a stable of the kitchen for years to come. Others might want a selection of disposable tablecloths to protect furniture at family parties or for a special event like Christmas or a wedding. Whatever its use, here at JustWipe we have a huge range of tablecloths in a range of different shapes and styles to suit your needs. 

Rectangle tablecloths are the most common. They consist of two parallel sides and are designed to fit a large range of table designs. Round and oval tablecloths are another option if you have a central dining table, or perhaps a runner is a good option for a more decorative touch. 

At JustWipe, we offer one of the largest collections of PVC tablecloths in the United Kingdom. Made from 100% plastic, PVC tablecloths offer really good value for money and are a high-quality product, and with their hot melt vinyl coating (PVC), they have a waterproof and wipe-clean finish. This spares you the worry of stains or irreparable damage to your furniture – just wipe! 

Our huge array of kitchen tablecloth designs means you’re sure to find a product to suit your needs. Be it a decorative tablecloth for a special occasion or season, or a timeless design for all year-round use, browse our extensive range to find what you’re looking for. 

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