Looking for a navy table cloth? take a look at a summary of your options?

To cover my catering table

Trying to find a perfect solution to your catering table that will stand up to multiple spills and food spillage, our Catering Cloth Blue Tablecloth will be perfect to provide protection, with the added benefit of easy cleaning,

Children’s party or wedding reception

So you have taken time to pick your theme, perhaps your celebrations include a retro theme or a baby boy. We love our Dots pattern coated tablecloth, works beautifully with pale blue and white decor.

Christmas Parties

Having guests for a seasonable celebration, we have the perfect answer to cover your table and keep it protected during the festivities. Our Snowman Blue Vinyl Coated Tablecloth will be a talking point for your Christmas party.

What is the benefit of a PVC tablecloth over a fabric tablecloth?

PVC will give you an extra level of protection from food stains and liquid spillages. With an easy-clean wipeable surface for a straightforward clean up after an event or service in your restaurant. Additional benefits of not needing to iron after use combined with added benefits of taking away the need to machine wash regularly protecting our environment.

Fabric tablecloths can be expensive and prone to wear and tear over time,

choosing a PVC tablecloth solution will not only protect your table underneath but also reduce any damage from knocks and scratches.

What different types of Navy table PVC tablecloth designs and patterns are available?

Are you looking for the perfect match for your restaurant decor or family celebration? Just wipe has the perfect collection for you to find a navy blue tablecloth to convey your design or work within your home.

Do you feel that a navy blue tablecloth is going to work best, there is plenty of options to choose from.

Dotty Denim Vinyl Coated Tablecloths

Our Just dotty range for kitsch restaurants and cafes through to children’s parties, the Just Wipe dotty range will add to your retro theme and protect your table from any potential damage. Pretty and fun, we love our dotty range.

Classic Range of PVC tablecloth

The Justwipe Navy tablecloths range harmonises perfectly with a vintage-themed celebration, paired with bunting and balloons a classic Navy blue tablecloth will pull your vintage theme together.

Our Navy blue tablecloths are classically paired with elegant weddings colour schemes.

We are huge fans of our navy blue table cloth options as our range of Navy table cloths are synonymous with formal occasions often also linked to hotels, and hospitality receptions.

Why should someone shop with Just Wipe?

Our customers will tell you that Just Wipe is their preferred online supplier of PVC tablecloths.

With our wide and varied selection of colours, patterns and options to dress your function table, our affordable PVC tablecloths are a key design feature of many family parties, cafes and restaurants.

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