Introduction To Glitter Tablecloths

Great reasons to buy glitter tablecloths

There are so many great reasons to purchase glitter tablecloths when you require a robust solution that will add a touch of magic to your space. Glitter tablecloths are ideal for parties and other exciting events but can also be great for entertaining and capturing the imagination of children. At Just Wipe, we stock a wide range of PVC glitter tablecloths to help you create the right atmosphere, and we can come to your assistance whether you require products for weddings, get-togethers or anything else. Enhance your space with a dash of glitz and glamour with our high-quality, long-lasting glitter tablecloths.

Make a great impression

At Just Wipe, we offer one of the biggest ranges of wipeable tablecloths, vinyl coated tablecloths and oilcloths on the market. We can also provide you with goods made from the same materials, including aprons for adults and kids, bibs and peg bags. We are able to cater for a host of needs and can provide tablecloths for all sorts of environments, such as gardens, cafes, schools, restaurants, homes and more. If you require a resilient, durable tablecloth for the home, business or a big event like a wedding, banquet or anything else and wish to make a great impression, we can help.

Durable solutions you can rely on

We produce our tablecloths with a printed cotton weave, which is finished with a special wipe-free vinyl coating. As our tablecloths are 20 metres in length, we can cut them to any size to suit your table. Our tablecloths don’t fray or crack, and they don’t need to be hemmed. Providing you take good care of your tablecloths, they can last you for years. You don’t need to wash your products – simply wipe them clean when required. We can provide tablecloths with a matt or gloss finish.

Easy maintenance

The PVC coating that comes with our tablecloths makes it easier to care for them. You can wipe food and beverages from them with ease. You’ll find more info on what they cannot withstand on our website, and this will help you prolong their lives. Feel free to contact us at any time if you do have any queries about our tablecloths or how to care for them – we are always on hand to assist whenever you do require advice and are passionate about helping you get as much use as possible from our products.

Sample available – contact us

We accept a range of payment methods, and these include American Express, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. Our website is completely secure, allowing our customers to shop with confidence. Why not explore our range right now if you are in need of sparkling glitter tablecloths for a big event, or simply if you’re seeking out something for the home? We are able to provide samples upon request if you do wish to get a feel for any of our tablecloths before you go ahead with a purchase. To reach us today, simply give us a call on 01253 729487, send an e-mail to or use the form on our website.