Guide to Blue Tablecloths

Blue Wipe Clean Table Cloths

Wipe clean oilcloth tablecloths are the perfect solution for those individuals who are looking for a way to not only protect their tabletops but also ensure that they still look stylish. They are highly versatile, come in a range of stunning colours with something to suit everyone’s taste and are incredibly easy to keep clean.

Whilst everyone has their own preferred colour, blue table cloths are a particularly popular product, and it isn’t hard to see why, with blue being voted the most popular colour with people all over the world.

What is an oilcloth tablecloth?

An oilcloth tablecloth differs from a fabric table cloth. It is made up of two layers, a cotton fabric layer that is coated with a layer of clear PVC. This means that you can still have the bold colours and vibrant patterns that you want, from, for example, a blue gingham tablecloth, but with the added ability to be able to wipe it clean if something is spilled on it.

When might you use a blue table cloth?

Blue tablecloths are a popular choice with many people. They look stunning in any kitchen diner where they will complement most styles of décor, both modern or more traditional.

A royal blue table cloth, for example, is a great choice for a contemporary kitchen with a simple colour scheme, and will add just the right touch of colour. A patterned blue tablecloth on the other hand may be the perfect choice for a more traditional farmhouse style kitchen.

A blue table cloth could also be a good option for a wedding or a birthday party where it could be incorporated into the theme of the day. A pale turquoise table cloth would make a fantastic table covering at a pirate or Sea Life themed birthday party.

What blue table cloths does Justwipe offer?

At Justwipe, we offer a fantastic range of blue table cloths in a range of different shades and patterns. Whether you are looking for something in a shade of pale blue or something in a vibrant shade of navy blue, there is sure to be something in our range that will offer you the perfect shade for your requirements.

In addition to a selection of plain blue table cloths, our comprehensive range also includes a diverse range of patterned table cloths, with everything from flowers to birds, geometric patterns, to our quirky beach hut PVC oilcloth table cloths. If you are looking for a designer blue table cloth, we would recommend keeping your eye on our stock because we are continually adding new lines to our ever increasing comprehensive range.

Why buy from Justwipe?

At Justwipe, we have put together a fantastic selection of tablecloths including some fantastic designer options. We also have aprons both adult and child sized in our comprehensive product range. We even offer a range of peg bags and tablecloth clips to complete your purchase.

We pride ourselves not only on the product range that we offer but on our fantastic levels of customer service, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect product for you.