Black Table Runners Overview

Black table runners add a high degree of interest to table settings and serve as the foundation for table decor. They also protect the furniture from damage caused by dripping candles, hot pans and spills. Perhaps the most important benefits rest on colour, texture and pattern choices. You can enhance your table settings with flair and drama, based on the design you choose, seasonal looks or holiday-themed patterns.

Understanding the Function of Table Runners

Table runners are simple fabrics that can be placed over the tablecloth, underneath it or directly on the table’s surface. The fabric serves myriad purposes that include design aesthetics, table protection and tablecloth protection. You can create a fantastic focal point for your table’s design — especially with black table runners for more formal occasions. Black runners add a bit of sophistication while making other colours pop.

Personalising Your Table’s Decor

Black table runners are ideal for personalising table settings and protecting your guests from spills and burns. More people choose black because the colour compliments any table design or china pattern. Runners come in standardised widths from 10 to 15 inches, and you can overlap runners for wider or circular tables as needed. The lengths range from 36 inches to 108 inches, but the ideal length is up to you. Most people choose a length that allows 6 inches of runner to hang at either end. The runner should not hang any lower than the tablecloth.

You might take a dramatic departure from tradition by using a black table runners directly on the wood surface or your tables. Long, rustic tables appear magnificent when decorated with a black, vinyl-coated runner in a range of patterns that enhance fine place settings against a wooden background. You can create bespoke designs by criss-crossing table runners or matching runners with black aprons. Black table runners are perfect for formal wedding dinners, self catering and holiday dinners of all types.

Protecting and Showing Off Your Table

Table runners protect the table from everyday wear, and when used with a tablecloth, provide an extra layer of protection against hot dishes. You might choose to show your table by using only a runner to allow the beautiful oak dining table to be seen by your guests. You’ll still be able to protect the table by putting hot dishes on the runner, usually in a staggered or other creative arrangement.

Getting Your Custom Table Runner

At Just Wipe, the experts carry tablecloths and runners in a wide variety of vinyl-coated, PVC and oilcloth fabrics to suit your decorating style and budget. Matching aprons, children’s aprons and bibs are also on offer. When you need wipeable tablecloths, black table runners and other accessories, contact

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