Kids love nothing more than getting messy. Whether they’re crafting, cooking, painting, sticking or just playing with sand, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty is all part of the fun.

But as every Mum and Dad knows, it’s also good to keep your kids safe, dry and as clean as possible. Which is why tabards – or kids aprons – for kids come in. They’re colourful. Practical. Easy to clean. And fun. These sleeveless, tailored pieces of PVC are a doddle to put on and take off even for the smallest hands.

For kids of all ages, they’re comfy to wear and super soft. And they look sensational. For grown-ups, it means knowing your kids can play happily without spreading too much goo.

Best of all, for kids putting on their favourite tabard or apron it means they’re about take part in a fun activity – be it cooking, painting or simply having messy fun.

How do these compare with other Just Wipe products?

Like all our products, tabards and aprons from Just Wipe are made from cotton fabric coated with vinyl to provide a smooth waterproof finish. These high-quality items are designed to be to be used every day of the week complete with extra strong straps to ensure they stay where they’re needed. And they won’t break the bank. Not only do these cost-effective aprons and tabards look great, they also help protect children’s clothes from getting wet and dirty – saving Mums and Dads the additional time and expense of yet another trip to the washing machine.

That, though, is all the serious stuff that grown-ups like to know. For kids themselves, it’s the colourful and playful patterns that make a simple apron or tabard into something they want to wear – and something they look forward to wearing.

There are around 50 different designs on offer such as:

  • Dots and spots
  • Dinosaurs
  • Cupcakes
  • Candy colours
  • Floral patterns

One of the popular things people do is have an apron or tabard for each activity. So, a cupcake inspired design is perfect for young bakers looking to cook up a storm and make some tasty treats.

For more enquiring minds, our dinosaur-themed aprons and tabards are ideal for those keen to explore the mysteries of the natural world around them.

And for those keen to explore the world around them, we have aprons with flags on.

Which ever option your child choses, they’re a great way to learn countries, places and the names of animals and dinosaurs.

And we also have aprons and tabards for grown-ups too – some available in matching designs – that will make creative crafting and cooking activities fun for all the family.

Why shop with Just Wipe?

Whichever design and style you decide to buy you can be rest assured that all our vinyl-coated cotton aprons and tabards not only look great, but they’re practical too.

Our aprons and tabards are perfect for tackling stickly messy crafting and cooking adventures at home.

And while your kids are playing – and learning – you can be confident that your purchase from Just Wipe is tear resistant, does not fray and last longer than a traditional fabric apron. And if it does get wet or sticky, just think of our name, and ‘Just Wipe’ the spills away.