Pantry Azure Matt Vinyl Coated Tablecloths

Measuring your Table

When measuring your table, please remember to allow for the overhang of the oilcloth. We recommend that between 20-25cm at each end of the table is ideal for an overhang. You should therefore add 40-50 cm (16”-20”) onto the length of your table in order to have a perfect sized tablecloth.



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1/2 Roll 10m (52"x394"), Full Roll 20m (52"x787"), Rect: 135cmx100cm (52"x39"), Rect: 135cmx120cm (52"x47"), Rect: 135cmx140cm (52"x55"), Rect: 135cmx150cm (52"x59"), Rect: 135cmx160cm (52"x63"), Rect: 135cmx170cm (52"x67"), Rect: 135cmx180cm (52"x71"), Rect: 135cmx190cm (52"x75"), Rect: 135cmx200cm (52"x78"), Rect: 135cmx210cm (52"x82"), Rect: 135cmx220cm (52"x86"), Rect: 135cmx230cm (52"x90"), Rect: 135cmx240cm (52"x94"), Rect: 135cmx250cm (52"x98"), Rect: 135cmx260cm (52"x102"), Rect: 135cmx280cm (52"x110"), Rect: 135cmx300cm (52"x118"), Rect: 135cmx325cm (52"x128"), Rect: 135cmx350cm (52"x137"), Rect: 135cmx375cm (52"x147"), Rect: 135cmx400cm (52"x157"), Rect: 135cmx450cm (52"x177"), Rect: 135cmx500cm (52"x197"), Rect: 135cmx600cm (52"x236"), Rect: 135cmx800cm (52"x315"), Round: 100cm (39"), Round: 130cm (51"), Square: 100cmx100cm (39"), Square: 135cmx135cm (53")


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