Keep your home clean and tidy with a quality wipe clean tablecloth from JustWipe

Autumn is upon us which means the children will spend more time indoors playing rather than outside in the sunshine. This can sometimes mean that keeping everything clean and tidy can be a constant battle! We all know that children are wonderful but they can also be very messy!

With our wipe clean oilcloth tablecloths, there’s no need to worry about spills and there’s no reason to stop the kids having messy play fun either!

Our great selection of childrens wipe clean oilcloth tablecloths are the ideal solution for toddlers and youngsters, and what’s even better is that they can be wiped clean in just a few seconds!

Here’s our tips on how to look after your wipe clean oilcloth tablecloth

  • Our top quality oilcloth tablecloths are both durable and long-wearing, allowing you to spend more important time with your family, and less time cleaning up messes and spills!
  • In order to keep your JustWipe wipe clean tablecloth in the best possible condition, we recommend wiping spills (especially tomato based sauces and curry sauces) away immediately with warm water, which can contain a small amount of detergent. 
  • Also be aware that newspaper print can transfer onto your oilcloth if it’s still damp from wiping and hot cooking oil will damage the surface. Also it will not withstand the heat of hot plates direct from the oven.
  • Be aware that ballpoint pen ink, lipstick, nail varnish and shoe polish will leave a mark on your oilcloth.
  • Finally, DO NOT dry clean your oilcloth and to remove creases, the material may be ironed on the reverse (uncoated) side with a cool iron

With so many fantastic designs and gorgeous colours to choose from, our family-friendly oilcloth tablecloths are sure to brighten up your home this autumn!

And did you know we also make adult and childrens oilcloth aprons too? Check out our amazing range today!